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Procedure to set up a Metamask account for SPURTCrypto

The Contract address for SPURT you have to add is 0x1D48f0A2c5713BfEd0D506508d5d2c6F8530B28b
In blockchain it is not possible to retrieve your password and be able to login to your account address again. BE AWARE OF THAT and take the time to see this good information on HOW to SAVE your precious account.


Problems with your Metamask account.

Sound Prosperity Membership correct link: http://soundprosperity.org/SP-Membership%20.html

Metamask Konto eröffnen Deutsch (nicht letzte Version)
Metamask Spanish (Not latest version)
Problemas con su cuenta de Metamask Spanish

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Help for clients not fit for the SPURTCrypto World
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